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“Early parenthood is a life-changing experience into which we all go unrehearsed”

The ‘Baby and You’ programme follows on from antenatal classes and offers sound tips and strategies as you begin your remarkable journey into parenthood. The course covers good feeding and sleeping habits, common infant complaints, infant massage, and much more.


Many parents, particularly new parents, find the information and support in the ‘Baby and You’ programme extremely helpful in managing the challenges, and making the most of the rewards, that a new baby brings into their life. Parents Centres believe strongly in the strength of the support networks in getting through those early months. Firm friendships are often formed between course participants, through shared experiences and understandings.


Babies grow quickly and they go through a variety of stages. ‘Baby and You’ explores the first 3 months of your baby’s life and gives practical information about stimulation for babies, age-appropriate toys and the key milestones of your baby’s growth. The programme also recognises the heavy demands babies have on parents’ time and attention. It is common for parents to feel a loss of independence, a huge lack of sleep and worries around employment and financial changes. Included is a section on self-care strategies for parents – it’s a challenging time and let’s not forget about mum (or dad)!

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Baby and You courses

This is covered in one five session course, usually held over five consecutive weeks

You should aim to attend a course soon after your baby is born. Enrolments are accepted

for babies up to 12 weeks old at the date of the first session. ​

Please Note these are designed for first time Parents - but you are more than welcome to attend

for the 2nd, 3rd...4th baby.  As we know every baby and experience is different.  It is also a great 

way for parents to make some personal connections and support as well - especially if you have 

recently moved into the area. ​​​

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