Moving and Munching


‘Your baby’s emerging exploration of the environment and discovery of first foods’

It’s an exciting time. Your baby is moving on; discovering first foods and becoming more active, and already (or soon to be) making those first attempts at crawling.


This programme identifies areas in need of safety-proofing in the home, intellectual and social

development, solids, healthy attitudes to food and much more.



The ‘Munching’ focus of this programme explores the following:

  • When and how to start to introduce solids into your baby’s diet

  • How to continue to include milk in your baby’s diet

  • Exploring the need for changes in textures, tastes and the quantity of solids over time

  • Ways to encourage your baby to develop healthy attitudes to food



The ‘Moving’ focus of this programme explores the following:

  • Identifying areas of your home environment that might need safety-proofing now that your baby’s mobility and manipulative skills are developing

  • Encouraging the development of your baby’s fine and gross motor skills by identifying age- appropriate play and toys

  • Identifying areas of language, intellectual and social development that helps to stimulate your baby’s learning

Development milestones vary widely from child to child. This programme includes information on physical, cognitive (or intellectual), language and social (emotional) development. It stresses that no baby can be compared to another when it comes to development – they are all unique and all reach developmental milestones at different times.


Parents often ask what the signs are for development stages, both in terms of movement and in terms of diet. This programme gives you the opportunity to openly discuss concerns and to learn about balancing baby’s dietary intake as well as understanding and exploring a variety of activities that you as a parent can introduce and enjoy with your little one.


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